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As a business focused on cryotherapy in UK, we are dedicated to building a wellness centre one step at a time. Firstly, I discovered the benefits of cryotherapy when I was struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Combining exercise with cryotherapy gave me the positive, uplifting feel-good hormones my body was craving. After experiencing the benefits firsthand, consequently I knew I wanted to share them with as many people as possible. I became a qualified personal trainer in 2018 and have since helped many people achieve their fitness goals and improve their mental health and self-esteem. Now, with enough capital, we have taken the first step towards our vision by purchasing a cryotherapy machine for our future wellness centre.

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Josh O’Brien

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Take your fitness to the next level with our comprehensive approach. Initially, our personal trainers will help you build strength and endurance, while our cryotherapy sessions will help you recover faster and avoid injury

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Personal Training

Offering bespoke training plans with guidance to correct form for each exercise, calorie guides to push weight loss at a healthy rate, nutritional guidance and 24/7 support.

cryotherapy in uk

Cryotherapy In UK

Say goodbye to inflammation and pain with our 3-minute sessions for cryotherapy in UK. It's the perfect way to rejuvenate your body and get back to your best self.

What is cryotherapy

Cryotherapy In UK

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, is gaining popularity in the UK as a treatment for several ailments and to aid recovery from exercise and injuries. Furthermore, by subjecting the body to extremely low temperatures for a short duration, cryotherapy can relieve pain and inflammation for several weeks at a time.

Moreover, athletes  are increasingly using cryotherapy in UK to aid recovery and condition muscles to help get the most out of their training. Although cryotherapy is most commonly used to treat skin conditions, cancer, or muscle and ligament pain, studies suggest that it can be an effective treatment for other problems too, including migraines, nerve issues, and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. 

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Cryotherapy whole-body benefits

Experience the benefits of cryotherapy in UK with our 3-minute sessions

Additionally, cryotherapy can also help with medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, and muscle and ligament strains. Meanwhile, cryotherapy in UK can also be used for cosmetic purposes and has shown effectiveness in helping to get rid of stretch marks, cellulite, and as an effective weight loss aid.


We are well-experienced in understanding the human body & how it performs during physical activity

Calming & Convenient

We build rapport with athletes to establish trust and help them feel comfortable during the cryotherapy treatment

Effective & Safe

Monitor the temperature and duration of the treatment, & make adjustments as necessary to meet the needs

3 easy step

How It works?

01 Initiation


Firstly, you will be placed in a pod in just your shorts or underwear

02 Temperature is dropped

Temperature is dropped

Nitrous oxide is then released slowly dropping the machine's temperature to around -130* C

03 Eases Pain

Eases Pain

Thus, the release of this air triggers endorphins and induces the body's natural pain relief system


Personal Training

£30 session | 10 sessions £250


Cryotherapy Treatment

£30 session | 10 sessions £200

Robin Kumar

Great for muscle recovery, pain relief and reduced inflammation. Highly recommend !

Robin Kumar


Ross Kenyon

This service really helped my post chemo side effects, especially the numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. Booked in for more sessions, not waiting to need it ... going to use it as part of my maintenance fantastic local service.

Ross Kenyon



Started training again a few months ago and with what I do for a living josh recommended cryotherapy to help with my pain, sleep and over all feeling fatigue! I have now used this only a few times and I have already felt a difference with my joint pain and sleeping much better, looking forward to seeing further changes in my body & del recommend this for others who work in the building trade 100%. Big thanks Josh



Caleb Backhouse

Great cryotherapy set up, Josh is full of knowledge and provides a great local service. Would highly recommend.

Caleb Backhouse


Robin Kumar
Ross Kenyon

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